bobby asked 3 months ago

I’ve had 12 back surgeries and I’m fused from L2 to S1. The surgeries got rid of a lot of my pain. January 2016 I had bilateral SI joint riziotomys with got rid of about 80% of my pain and I was able to return to work after being off for 16 years on disability. Now I’m getting sharp pains in my SI joints again. What would you recommend that I do now. I also have a spinal cord stimulator. I’ve had it since 2008.

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Tim Tollestrup, MD Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Bobby. If the pains in your SI joints are the same as before you may want to give rhizotomies another try as this is much less invasive than surgery. What benefit do you receive from your spinal cord stimulator – what pain does it relieve? If rhizotomies fail this time and if your spinal cord stimulator is not functioning well, then I would be happy to evaluate you to see if you have a peripheral nerve problem or problems that I may be able to solve.

Dr. T