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Ryan Doyle asked 4 weeks ago

Dr. Tollestrup –
A number of weeks ago I had rapid on set of severe weakness of my right elbow flexors after lifting weights at the gym.  I had no pain, no bruising, didn’t hear/feel any popping sensation, just severe weakness in the biceps.  This really puzzled me (I am a physical therapist) so I got an MRI which showed nothing wrong with any of the musculature of my shoulder or upper arm.  I am fairly certain I have peripheral entrapment of my musculocutaneous nerve due to the weakness in the elbow flexors and recent on set of numbness on the lateral portion of my forearm.  Is this a case where a surgical procedure would be warranted?  I have been getting manual therapy from some of my colleagues with no return in strength noted.  Your opinion would be appreciated, thank you.